Partner Spotlight: Digital Surgery’s “Touch Surgery” Platform Receives Centre Accreditation

One of our professional partners, Digital Surgery, has great news to share: its Touch Surgery platform has received Centre accreditation to award CPD points by the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS). This is the first time that the RCS has offered Centre accreditation to a mobile-based simulation platform in its 500-year history. (For detailed information, please see the original article, posted on Digital Surgery’s website.) (1)

With this accreditation, surgeons can now gain CPD points through the Touch Surgery mobile platform. CPD points are awarded for specific measures, such as cognitive rehearsal and case reflection. Digital Surgery is aiming to obtain CME accreditation soon in the US as well.

What does this mean for CARE clients? Like many of us in the healthcare industry, Digital Surgery wants to improve the delivery of healthcare across the globe. The tools and training provided by Digital Surgery, coupled with the coverage and expertise of CARE Professional Liability Association, ensure that our clients have the proper foundational elements to run a successful practice. This kind of support takes the weight of apprehension (of both training and risk management) off your shoulders so that you can focus on what you do best. 

All successful partnerships (2) have a few things in common. The most important element is to ensure that their customers realize the two-fold benefits of that partnership. Digital Surgery’s mission is to improve surgical performance using technology to provide safe and accessible training. This type of training translates into safer, better outcomes. Successful procedures increase provider confidence, in turn increasing patient satisfaction (3). All three of these elements in turn mitigate risk and reduce litigation possibilities.

Another advantage of membership with both CARE and Digital Surgery is having a strong network of resources at your disposal. This knowledge exchange (4) grows exponentially as members exchange ideas, solutions, and best practices.

Contact us today for more information about our partnership and the benefits that CARE policyholders have with Digital Surgery.



CARE Joins Forces with Digital Surgery

At CARE, we strive to partner with other industry leaders who can bring high-quality, meaningful contributions to our members. In the spirit of that goal, we have joined forces with Digital Surgery, a leader in simulation training, surgical video management and storage, and automated surgical analytics. Digital Surgery’s award-winning mobile application Touch Surgery houses more than 200 surgical simulations across 14 specialties, and its content library is continuously growing. The company’s latest offering, Touch Surgery Professional, offers secure video storage and management, automated analytics, annotation tools, and sharing capabilities for peer review and training purposes.

Together, CARE and Digital Surgery offer unique benefits to members that make coverage through CARE an even more invaluable investment. For example, qualified* Touch Surgery Professional (TS Pro) members can receive up to 10% off their CARE insurance policy. Another benefit of combined membership is knowledge exchange, which grows exponentially as members exchange ideas, solutions, and best practices via the TS Pro platform.

Digital Surgery’s goal is to utilize digital technology to empower surgeons and surgical teams all over the world to create safer, better outcomes. Like many of us in the healthcare field, Digital Surgery wants its tools to help increase knowledge and improve the delivery of surgical care across the globe. 

Contact us today. We can help you maximize your membership through our collaboration with Digital Surgery. Working together, we bring these industry-leading tools and resources to you to optimize your and your team’s training, shared learning, and performance in the operating room. 

*Qualified Digital Surgery members are those who have signed up for the Touch Surgery Professional offering, available for $999 for an annual subscription. This subscription provides access to (1) all of Digital Surgery’s publicly available CG and video-based simulations, (2) Digital Surgery’s video upload and storage platform, with automated analytics for selected procedures, (3) tools to annotate videos; add instruments, notes, and assessments; and to share with colleagues or trainees for peer review or training purposes. A minimum of 50 surgical videos are required to be uploaded annually to the Touch Surgery Professional video platform in order to remain eligible for the CARE insurance premium discount.