The CARE policy offers solid, affordable coverage to physicians from coast-to-coast. We operate as a physician-oriented and agent-focused company as we maintain tight underwriting standards while offering the lowest premium possible and tailored flexibility.

  • Claims Made Coverage
  • Limits available that meet or exceed state requirements
  • Prior Acts and Death, Disability and Retirement (DD&R) available
  • Coverage for individual physicians as well as single and multi-specialty groups
  • Corporate entity shares limits of liability
  • Ancillary personnel can be covered on a shared limit basis subject to certain restrictions.
  • Special pricing for part-time, low volume visits, low reads, deliveries and surgery.
  • Deductible options are available
  • Policy provides up to 30 days of Locum Tenens Coverage
  • Policy can be “tailored” to meet the physician’s needs
  • Nursing Home Directorship by Endorsement
  • Cyber coverage include with policy, $100,000 limit
  • Risk management program included with policy
  • Installment Financing
  • Non assessable policy
  • Group self insured profit sharing

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