Medical Malpractice Insurance and the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on life as we knew it. Malpractice insurance is no exception. Liability protection covers physicians and other healthcare professionals against claims made against them or their practice. You may find yourself asking questions in this new uncertain world. In what ways has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the lives of healthcare professionals? Is the need for medical malpractice insurance really at an all time high? Below we will explore these questions, and more.

One impact of the pandemic, perhaps the most obvious, is the increased risk to the health of essential workers and healthcare providers on the front lines. These individuals are risking their lives on a daily basis to help protect and save the lives of others. This also means an increased risk of malpractice claims due to the coronavirus. However, this does not excuse healthcare providers from providing adequate and safe care. In medical liability cases, the test is always: Did you comply with the standard of care?

The Center for Disease Control provides guidelines and minimum requirements to limit exposure to the virus, along with other acceptable standards of care. Failure to implement these procedures yourself and among your employees could result in a malpractice claim. Actions could include reminders about proper hand washing procedures, posting clear signage for patients, and training caregivers to remain suspicious for symptoms of the coronavirus.

Failure to provide sufficient protection for your employees who are at risk while handling potentially infected patients can also result in finding yourself battling a hefty medical malpractice claim. Frontline workers who are at risk for infection from patients must be provided proper personal protection equipment (PPE). Examples of PPE used to protect healthcare workers against the coronavirus include gowns, gloves, and facial coverings like face shields and masks. 


Protect yourself against the increased risk of claims brought against you due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t let this changing world overwhelm you, Contact us at CARE today to let us help you find a policy that will cover your needs.


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