Life Savers Need Saving Too

One of CARE’s trusted industry partners, SE Healthcare, has created a solution to help providers manage additional stress caused by the COVID-19 crisis. The Burnout Rescue Pack(1) contains seven short, impactful videos and seven audio files from burnout expert Dr. Dike Drummond. Providers receive immediate, actionable guidance to reduce anxiety levels and manage the challenges present in today’s health care environment.

The Burnout Rescue Pack features insights to help physicians:

  • Manage and lower stress levels
  • Prevent and address symptoms of burnout in themselves and their colleagues
  • Maximize downtime
  • Bonus feature: Earn up to 3.0 CME credits 

The Burnout Rescue Pack is a subset of training videos from the only comprehensive burnout program on the market: The Physician Burnout Prevention program. The Burnout Rescue Pack content was selected specifically to address the additional stress being placed upon physicians during the current pandemic crisis. The only cost associated with this package is a one-time fee of $49 per provider.

Included with the pack is a video thank-you message(2) to physicians from Dr. Drummond. Working in the healthcare industry is hectic, even on an average day, but the pandemic crisis is generating front-line PTSD episodes at an alarming rate(3). Even downtime, no matter how brief, should be planned with great care. Rest and respite are critical to rejuvenation, and enable health care professionals to return to the front line recharged.

Contact us today to learn more about the Burnout Rescue pack. We can also connect you with other physician wellness tools that are available to CARE members.


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