Installment Payment Program

The Installment Payment Program allows our insureds to enjoy the convenience of paying their premium and related taxes and fees directly to CARE over time. The only additional charge is a processing fee in an amount that is very competitive in comparison to the finance marketplace.

This program will take the credit exposure normally included in a finance agreement off of the agent. If the agent would prefer, CARE will follow up with the insured on overdue balances thereby taking the onus of collections off of the agent as well.

Typical terms are as follows

  • 20% down payment of the total amount owed. This includes premium, taxes, capital & other fees
  • 10 equal payments of balance and processing fee

In certain instances CARE offers flexible terms to include a lower down payment and quarterly installment payments.

Payment Methods

  • Monthly by check
  • By ACH
  • By credit card (additional fees apply)

A payment coupon book will be sent to the insured for ease of payment and tracking. The insured will also be provided with a reminder of the required payment via email.

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