What is a Claim

In the unfortunate event that you are faced with a medical malpractice claim, know that CARE stands with its insureds, ready to fight frivolous lawsuits and provide aggressive defenses. According to CARE’s claims made medical malpractice policy, a claim is defined as:

A written notice received by an Insured alleging that a person or entity has been damaged by an Insured and: (i) demanding monetary damages; or (ii) notifying the Insured of an intention to hold an Insured responsible for an Occurrence or the filing of a civil lawsuit or arbitration proceeding against an Insured

If you receive any of the following, you should contact CARE or your agent immediately

  • A legal summons or complaint, usually in the form of document issued by a court of law
  • A “pre-suit” notice letter which is a document putting you on notice of an intent to bring a lawsuit against you
  • A subpoena, a request for records or a notice that your deposition has been requested
  • A letter from a patient, family member or their legal counsel demanding some kind of restitution
  • A communication from your state medical board regarding treatment of a specific patient or patients

You may contact CARE directly by calling 502-895-6404 or via email through

We also recommend you inform us of any unanticipated outcome you feel could result in a claim or any expression of dissatisfaction from a patient or family member regarding treatment.

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