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You’re a Specialist? You Need Specialized Coverage.

While a general practitioner is usually comfortable with basic medical liability coverage, specialty providers have specific needs and circumstances that merit special consideration. If you are a specialist, consider seeking malpractice coverage from a company that knows the specifics of your industry. CARE Professional Liability Association, LLC offers the following types of specialty coverage: Dental […]

Preparing Your Practice for Telemedicine Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has healthcare providers evolving their practices daily as protocols for diagnosing and treating the virus change so quickly. Telemedicine has become an effective means of triaging patients while limiting exposure for both patients and office staff. The AMA(1) has issued a guide to quickly establishing a telemedicine offering at your practice. Some […]

Important CDC Resources During the Pandemic

The CDC urges healthcare facilities and provider practices to assess their protocols to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The CDC has provided the following resources to aid healthcare providers in these efforts: Prepare to Care for COVID-19: Get your practice ready: this link has practical tools for clinicians to use to treat patients, keep staff […]

Are You Prepared if the Coronavirus Knocks on Your Door?

With the coronavirus making landfall in the continental United States, is your staff prepared to handle potentially infected patients? All medical offices, no matter their size or specialty, should have an infection control and emergency preparedness plan in place. A solid plan, coupled with thorough screenings, can aid the healthcare community as a whole better […]

Are you familiar with the SUPPORT Act and EKRA?

Not one to shy away from lengthy acronyms, Congress passed the SUPPORT Act (Substance Use Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment) a couple of years ago. What is it? The Act is an attempt to manage various issues related to the opioid crisis through a series of more than 70 separate bills.(1) Some important […]

Enrollment Now Open for New High-Limits Disability Insurance Program

This coverage, available via CARE’s partnership with MGIS, is a great benefit for our members. It offers you choices and pricing otherwise not available outside of our association. For more than 50 years, Medical Group Insurance Services (MGIS) has specialized in creating a continuum of coverage that addresses the unique income replacement needs of physicians […]

Got an extra $1.4 million to spend? You might need it if you don’t have cybersecurity liability coverage.

Did you know that it costs roughly $1.4 million to recover from a cyberattack? The cost of lost productivity, damage to your practice’s reputation, and service disruption, among other expenses, add up quickly(1). Responding to cyber incidents can be time-consuming too, depleting resources and taking your focus away from patient care. Data transmission permeates the […]

Professional Partnership Announcement: CARE and MGIS

We are excited to announce our newly formed professional partnership with Medical Group Insurance Services (MGIS). For more than 50 years, MGIS has specialized in creating a continuum of coverage that addresses the unique income replacement needs of physicians and dentists. Working with world-renowned underwriters at Lloyd’s of London, MGIS has added a layer of […]

Tools and Resources to Mitigate Provider Burnout

Any career that involves connecting with other people is prone to professional burnout. It is very difficult to maintain a sense of self while caring for and supporting others. Increased administrative and productivity-based demands placed on physicians has led to worsening effects of physician burnout. Increases in burnout rates can lead to negative impacts on […]

Another Strong Partnership Development: CARE and HealthShare

We are excited to announce our partnership with HealthShare, an association with more than 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry. They provide a proven, non-insurance solution to the high cost of paying for healthcare. HealthShare is managed by SHMI, Inc., which assists its clients in improving healthcare services and reducing costs. Their mission […]