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What is Telehealth?

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt everywhere, including the world of malpractice insurance coverage. As the world of healthcare changes, physicians will need to add telehealth services to their standard operations. This comes with an increased risk of malpractice related claims. The first step to understanding your risk is to clarify, what […]

Medical Malpractice Insurance and the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on life as we knew it. Malpractice insurance is no exception. Liability protection covers physicians and other healthcare professionals against claims made against them or their practice. You may find yourself asking questions in this new uncertain world. In what ways has the COVID-19 […]

What Will a Claim Cost You?

Malpractice insurance protects physicians and other healthcare professionals against claims made against them or their practice. When claims are made, a number of questions can come up in an already uncertain time. Claims made can have an impact on your premiums, damage your reputation, and can cost hefty legal fees. Arming yourself with knowledge now […]

How to Choose Liability Insurance That Benefit You

Purchasing coverage for your practice is a necessary and important task. When considering liability coverage, it’s important to consider all aspects of the decision. How will your insurance company advocate for you and your practice? What should you consider when looking into liability coverage? Should you choose lower rates or higher coverage? While this can […]

What You Need to Know about Liability Insurance

It’s no secret that 2020 has brought new challenges for all fields, but possibly the most impact has been felt by medical and healthcare professionals. Now more than ever, it is important to protect your practice from insurance claims and the liability attached to them. Common claims that professional liability insurance covers are negligence, misrepresentation, […]

Cyber Insurance – What You Need to Know

In our current world, protection against cybercrime -ransom, hacking, computer system breakdown- is needed now more than ever. The first step in protecting your practice against cybercrime is to have strong passwords and firewalls in place. Awareness of scams is also vital. Abiding by HIPAA guidelines can avoid devastating financial and medical information risk.    […]

The Rise and Risk of Telehealth in the Developing Pandemic

Telehealth has been used pre-COVID for many reasons. Healthcare providers have used virtual methods to provide support to astronauts in space, patients in rural areas, and even to collaborate with one another on difficult cases or surgeries. Now, technological advances have allowed healthcare professionals to continue providing services amidst an unprecedented time. Some researchers are […]

Professional Liability Coverage: Understand Your Options

Choosing insurance for your practice is a big decision in many ways. That decision isn’t cheap, and can have huge financial implications for many years to come. The cost associated with risk mitigation can be substantial. Insurers spend a considerable amount of money investigating and defending claims before a suit ever makes it to court. […]

Details about the latest relief package

The latest iteration of the COVID-19 relief package from Congress has taken many turns, and it hasn’t even been finalized yet. Some points of contention include: Hospital bailout money Medicaid protection funds Liability protections for health care professionals Hospital funding is tricky, as well as a moving target. While elective procedures all but stopped in […]

Trends in Coronavirus Legal Issues

COVID-19 has left more in its wake than deserted office buildings and empty restaurants. Litigation claims touch on many aspects of daily living, including business interruption, workplace/employee impact, treatments and cures, legal rights issues, and price gouging, just to name a few. Specifically, health care professionals are closely attuned to the potential legal liability of […]